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Animal welfare and groomer safety is very important to me. I have been trained to ensure high levels of animal welfare & safety. I kindly ask that you keep your dogs on a lead at all times, and away from any other unknown dogs that may be on the premises. Whilst in my care no animals are allowed to run or be in contact with each other at any time, unless from the same families, this alleviate cross contamination, or injury through fights. During the groom you dog will always be restrained using the LIPS systems to help prevent injuries on the grooming table from falls or slips. I also ask that you are mindful or neighbours and do not allow excessive barking. I ask owners to pick up any fowling and place it in the bin provided. I also agree to house your dog appropriately whilst in my care and to have fresh water for your dog to drink at all times. There is a designated area for your dog to relieve itself, for this I require that owners leave their dogs collars and leads. Your dog will be treated with the utmost care and attention and I will do everything to ensure the environment you leave them in is as safe as possible.


If during examination of the coat, or at any time during the grooming procedure, I find that your dog has fleas, I will contact you to ask what flea treatments you have given your dog recently, if none I will give an insecticidal bath. All areas of the grooming salon, equipment & clothing will then be treated to prevent contamination. I will also give the owners a leaflet with regards to flea prevention and treatments. If your dog has recently been treated I will not give an insecticidal bath but ask you to come and collect your dog and seek veterinary advice.


All dogs will be given an examination prior to grooming, I look over the whole body for minor injuries and tender areas, I look at their eyes, teeth, ears, body, legs, paws, anus and skin & coat conditions. I am trained to a level where I can identify parasites and skin problems in dogs, this is beneficial to both your dog and my safety, as some diseases and parasites can be transferred from animals to humans and vice versa, these are called zoonotic diseases. It is important as your dog’s groomer that I can recognize health problems for the safety of both myself, your dog and any other dog that may visit my salon. If on examination I find a coat or skin condition, I will contact you immediately and ask that you seek veterinary advice.


All dogs have different life styles I find that the owners are superb at knowing what trim will suit their dog’s lifestyle the best. I always try the owners style first, however, if I think the chosen style is not suitable for their dog, I will then offer alternatives, the owners are usually keen to try another style on my recommendation for their dog’s benefit. This usually works very well, most importantly the dogs end up a style that is easy to maintain and easy to groom, benefiting both owners and dogs.