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Most of my dogs are family pets and owners advise me on the trims they wish and prefer for their pets. If required I can groom your dog to breed standard.


Puppies should be introduced early to grooming. On their first visit time is taken to allow your dog to become familiar with me and all the new things in the salon. I will gently guide your dog so they learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something they should fear, this should last your dog's life time. A positive first visit is the most important thing to achieve. Before your pups first visit to the salon, grooming should be started in the home by you so that your puppy is used to being brushed and touched all over its body. This will also help keep your dogs coat knot and tangle free, brushing needn't be a chore, in fact it is a great bonding experience for you both. Even as your dog gets older it is good to keep this going between regular visits to the salon.

Winter Grooming

Winter grooming is very important. If you prefer to leave your dogs coat long for winter warmth, remember that long hair tangles easily and collects more dirt. If the coat gets wet it can tangle and cause mats. To help prevent matting towel/blow dry the coat and brush out after each walk. If your dogs coat does get matted far from being the warm coat you intended it is actually very uncomfortable for your dog, very matted dogs can actually develop circulation problems and skin conditions. Continue to home groom especially during the winter months to help with coat care between regular professional grooming sessions which will help maintain a healthy comfortable coat that will keep your dog comfortably warm during winter weather.

De Shedding

Dogs that constantly shed hair all year round benefit from my de-shedding service. Popular breeds for this service are Collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labradors. The de-shedding treatment can reduce shedding dramatically. The dead coat is removed leaving your dog's coat looking fabulous and feeling much healthier. This service includes wash and blow-dry, styling, ears cleaned and nails clipped.

Hand Stripping

For coarse coated breeds hand-stripping is recommended, provided the dog has not been previously clipped. Dogs that have been neutered or spayed may not be suitable for hand stripping as this can cause changes to the coat, your dogs coat will be checked for suitability before hand stripping commences. This service is quite a lengthy procedure even for small dogs, so dogs need to be relatively healthy and able to endure. Consideration will be taken for old/sick dogs.